About GAAC

  • Assessment and Accreditation are broadly used for understanding the “Quality Status” of an institution.

  • In the context of Higher Education, the accreditation status indicates that the particular Higher Educational Institutions, or any other recognized Unit therein, meets the standards of quality as set by the Accreditation Agency, in terms of its performance, related to the educational processes and outcomes, covering the curriculum, teaching-learning, evaluation, faculty, research, infrastructure, learning resources, organization, governance, financial well being and student services.

  • With this view, the exercise of GLOBAL ACADEMIC ACCREDITATION CONSORTIUM (GAAC) is being carried out in India by GAP ( Grand Academic Portal) to facilitate awareness among colleges in the country about processes and systems that can ensure quality enhancement and realization of goals set in higher education.

  • This is a unique initiative by GAP to promote excellence in the field of education. Nowhere in the country has such an exercise being carried out.

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